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Family Engagement

The Oakdale Joint Unified School District aims to strengthen partnerships between schools and families to enhance every student’s education and learning experience. Families play the most important role in a student's education. Research consistently shows that family engagement in the student's education leads to regular attendance; higher grades and test scores; and, increased graduation rates and postsecondary education.

OJUSD recognizes that family engagement is an essential component in the educational success of students. For this reason, the district supports family involvement in academic and extracurricular activities and promotes participation in district and site leadership roles that strengthen the school community. 

At the school-level, families have the opportunity to join the School Site Council (SSC), a decision-making, advisory group or the English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC), a group that advises on services for English language learners.

At the district-level, families may represent their student's school on the District Advisory Committee/District Parent Involvement Committee which advises on programs and supports parent involvement opportunities across the district. This committee is made up of staff and parent representatives from the School Site Council. The District English Language Advisory Committee provides another opportunity for families. This committee is made up of representatives from each school's ELAC and advises upon district services for English learners.  

District Committee Meeting Agendas

District Parent Involvement Committee/District Advisory Committee (DPIC/DAC)                                                       all meetings are at 3:00 pm at the OJUSD Technology Center, Lupine room   

                    September 29, 2022   Agenda   Materials

                    November 17, 2022   Agenda   Materials

                    February 23, 2023  Agenda   Materials

                    April 19, 2023  Agenda

District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC)                                                                                                    all meetings are at 9:00 am at the OJUSD Technology Center, Lupine room      

               September 30, 2022   Agenda  

               December 2, 2022  Agenda

               February 3, 2023   Agenda

               April 28, 2023