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Elementary Choir

Elementary Choir Directors

Katie Bomer

(Fair Oaks and Cloverland)


Bretta Cating

(Magnolia and Sierra View)

Classroom Music


Colorful Notes


1st-6th grade students in the Oakdale School District receive a 30 minute lesson in music each week. Students in the music classroom:

  • Learn rudiments of music such as beat, rhythm, melody and harmony

  • Sing a variety of music

  • Explore music with movement

  • Be introduced to the orchestra and band by learning about the different instrument families

  • Be introduced to a diverse variety composers and their music from different periods in musical history

  • Learn about people today who are prominent in the world of music.

  • Play a variety of classroom musical instruments included percussion, recorders and ukuleles

The classroom music program utilizes the Quaver Music curriculum.  For access to your student’s Quaver music account, please visit: 

District Choir


Color Notes Long


The Elementary Choir program is available to all 4th, 5th and 6th grade students throughout the district.  Students rehearse once a week for 30 minutes.  Choir students will develop skills such as singing with good tone, learning to harmonize and blending their voices as an ensemble.  Students will perform in concerts either virtually or in person twice a year in December and May.