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After High School

High School Graduation Requirements

Total credits to graduate: 230

 Subjects "a-g"  Oakdale High
 Minimum UC/CSU
 Social Studies  3 years - 30 credits  2 years - 20 credits
 English  4 years - 40 credits  4 years - 40 credits
 Math  3 years - 30 credits  3 years - 30 credits (4 yrs recommended)
 Science  2 years - 20 credits  2 years - 20 credits (3 yrs recommended)
 Foreign Language  None  2 years - 20 credits (3 yrs recommended)
 Visual/Performing Arts  1 year - 10 credits  1 year - 10 credits
 Electives  7 courses - 70 credits  1 year - 10 credits
 Physical Education  2 years - 20 credits  None
 Health/Computers  2 courses - 10 credits  None
 Exams  CA High School Exit Exam  SAT or ACT

Students who have completed coursework for Geometry in Grade 8 with a C or better or have scored Proficient or Advanced on the Geometry CST, have met the high school requirement  for one of the three courses of mathematics in grades 9-12 for high school graduation.  Students in grades 9-12 who have not completed Algebra I in grades 7 or 8, must do so as part of the three math courses required in high school for high school graduation.

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Oakdale High School UC/CSU - Approved Course List
Oakdale Charter School UC/CSU - Approved Course List

"Courses from California high schools used to satisfy the "a-g" subject requirements must be certified by UC and appear on the school's "a-g" course list. These courses are to be academically challenging, involving substantial reading, writing, problems and laboratory work (as appropriate), and show serious attention to analytical thinking, factual content and developing students' oral and listening skills."
—Source: University of California Guide, A-G Requirements


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