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Gifted & Talented (GATE)


OJUSD has established the Gifted Learner Program to support the educational needs of students with high intellectual ability and/or demonstrated high achievement.  OJUSD defines “Gifted Learners” as students who meet the District’s established identification criteria for gifted learners.  The term “Gifted Learner” is used interchangeably with “GATE student” in the district. 

All OJUSD students have an equal opportunity to be screened for giftedness.  The district’s universal screening process includes administering the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) to all students in the second grade. 

OJUSD has three GATE identification categories: High Intellectual Potential, High Achievement, and High Achievement and Intellectual Potential.

Gifted learners at an elementary school have the opportunity to participate in the Gifted Learner Program.  This enrichment program affords students two weekly sessions with the district GATE teacher.  The Gifted Learner Program is structured to include a series of themed academies designed to address the academic potential and affective needs of students.  The district does not offer a gifted learner program for students at the junior high or high school.  The secondary sites offer accelerated classes and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

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K-6 GATE Teacher