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Healthy children are successful learners.


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The practice of school nursing began in the United States on October 1, 1902 when the initial role of the school nurse was to reduce absenteeism by intervening with students and families regarding health care needs related to communicable diseases. While the nurse’s role has expanded greatly from its original focus, the essence of the practice remains the same. The school nurse supports student success by providing health care assessment, intervention, and follow-up for all children within the school setting. Glance at a school nurse's responsibilities.


  1. The school nurse provides direct health care to students and staff.
  2. The school nurse provides leadership for the provision of health services.
  3. The school nurse provides screening and referral for health conditions.
  4. The school nurse promotes a healthy school environment.
  5. The school nurse promotes health.
  6. The school nurse serves in a leadership role for health policies and programs.
  7. The school nurse serves as a liaison between school personnel, family, community, and health care providers.

Parents' Guide to Immunization Requirements for School Entry

Kindergarten to 12th Grade Immunization Requirements

7th Grade Immunization Requirements

New Law (SB 277 ) Effective in 2016


Alisa Anderson, RN
Amy Dickens, LVN
Patty Martinez, LVN
Dawn Shaffer, RN

Health Clerks

Brandy Hardman
Oakdale High

Kim Alley

Oakdale Jr High

Brooke Baley

Magnolia Elementary

June Gibson
Cloverland Elementary

Mercedes Nieves

Fair Oaks Elementary

Maria Calderon

Sierra View Elementary



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