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Text Dependent Questions

Text Dependent Questions: Using Evidence

On this page teachers can find tools to help write and evaluate text-dependent questions, as well as a link to lesson materials with examples of text-dependent questions included.

Prompts for Text Dependent Questions

Source, in part: Connecting Reading & Writing Through Authors Craft, The Reading Teacher, Rickards & Hawes, December, 2006

A Guide to Creating Text Dependent Questions for Close Analytic Reading

Created from a variety of resources, this document gives a detailed explanation for and understanding of what text dependent questions are, the various types of text dependent questions, and how they can be created.

Text Dependent Questioning

This PowerPoint runs teachers through the whys and hows of creating and using text dependent questions with their students. The Guide to Creating Text Dependent Questions document accompanies this ppt.

Developing Text Dependent Questions to Support Comprehension

This PowerPoint provides a general overview of text dependent questions and information on and examples of the various types of text dependent questions.