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Writing Support

Introduction to Writing Support

The OJUSD Writing Committee consists of teachers from all grade levels working together to improve writing throughout the district. Our goal is to enhance current teaching strategies, support ELA curriculum, and link grade levels to promote continuity. This site and its resources will continue developing to meet the ongoing needs of our educators, students, and families.

To the left, you will find writing samples for each grade level for several types of writing: persuasive/argumentative, narrative, expository/informative, and, for grades 7-12, literary analysis. Each sample includes the student writing, a rubric that has been scored for that piece of writing, and a teacher-written explanation of why the paper received the score it did. You’ll notice that there are samples for each level of the rubric -- Sample 1 scored lowest on the rubric and Sample 4 (or 5 in kinder) scored highest on the rubric, so the sample number matches the rubric score.

These writing samples are meant to serve as example texts for teachers, parents, and students who are interested in finding out more about what writing looks like at the various grade levels. The growth students make in writing over the course of their school careers takes effort and thought on the parts of both students and teachers, and we know Oakdale students and teachers are up to the task!


Writing Samples