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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my student eligible for school bus transportation if they have an intra-district or inter-district transfer on file?

No, we are not able to provide school bus transportation to students attending a school outside of their home school.

How do I sign my student up to ride the school bus?

In order to get school bus transportation you must fill out a Transportation Rider Form (available at school sites, transportation office, or district office) and your student must sign the bus rules (the bus driver will pass these out).

Is there a bus available to transport my student home after sports?

No, we do not have a bus available to transport your student home after sports practice, although we do bus the students for sports field trips at other schools.

Where can I find the route number on a bus?

Route numbers are located next to the entrance door of the bus on a black placard with white numbering.

Can my student have a friend ride the school bus home with them?

In order for a student who does not normally ride the school bus to get a ride home with a student who does normally ride, a parent/guardian signed note, including the bus route, bus stop, and parent’s phone number needs to be sent to the transportation office (via school bus driver or school site office is usually fine) before noon on a regularly scheduled day and be approved by the office staff.