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Busing Information

Oakdale Joint Unified School District Transportation Department

Busing Information

The Oakdale Joint Unified School District does provide transportation, for no cost. A student’s bus ride will be from the nearest school bus stop (as determined by Superintendent or designee) to a student’s home, to the student’s Home School based on the student’s home address (the address which is registered with the district).  Transportation of students by school bus (with the exception of Special Needs Students) is not required by law, but is provided to families of Oakdale Joint Unified School District students who are within the Board Approved busing areas.

Bus Rider Eligibility

Students must be attending their home school and live further away than the district’s current walking distances (1.5 miles for K-8 and 2 miles for 9-12).  There are several in-town shuttle stops available for K-8, check with your school or call the Transportation department for availability.  Students attending an OJUSD school on an inter- or intra-district transfer are not eligible for transportation, as stated on the transfer form.  Special education students with an IEP requiring transportation are eligible for school bus transportation.

Students must have a Transportation Rider Form filled out and sign the bus rules in order to ride the bus.

Bus Routes 2023-2024