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Board Reports & Action Items

February 5, 2024 Board Meeting

11.1 Report on the Results of the 2023 Health Kids Survey

11.2 LCAP Mid-year report

11.3 First Read Revision to BP/AR 1330, Use of Facilities

12.1 Arts Education Month Resolution #23-24-10

12.2 Adoption of Board Meeting Calendar

12.3 Assignment of Commencement Appearances

12.4 CSBA Delegate

12.5 Approval to purchase a replacement Toro Lawnmower


January 8, 2024 Meeting

11.1 2023 California Schools Dashboard Report

12.1 2022/2023 Annual Financial Report Memo

12.1 2022/2023 Annual Financial Report

12.2 Approval of Second Quarter Developer Fee Report


December 11, 2023 Meeting

11.1 Report on Bus Routing System

12.1/12.2 Annual Election of Board Members and Authorization of Signatures for Filing with SCOE

12.3 Approval of Exploring Feasibility of a Bond

12.4 Ratification to Enter into a CMAS contract with Park Planet for three TK/K play structures

12.5 Approval of First Interim Report and the Positive Certification for FY 2023/24

12.6 Second Reading: Revisions to BP 6170.1, Transitional Kindergarten

12.7 2024-2025 School Calendar


November 13, 2023 Meeting

11.1 2023 SBAC Scores Report

11.2 First Reading: Revisions to BP 6170.1, Transitional Kindergarten

12.1 Apporval of Merced Automatic Admissions Program for OHS

12.2 Authorization to Purchase School Buses


October 9, 2023 Meeting

11.1 Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement and Implementation

12.1 Approval of Resolution #23-24-05 Proclaiming Red Ribbon Celebration

12.2 Approval of Resolution #23-24-06 and approval of Application for Eligibility: State and Federal Surplus Property Program

12.3 Approval of First Quarter Developer Fee Report


September 11, 2023 Meeting

11.1 Facilities Update and Recommendation for an RFP to conduct a Facility Study and Master Plan

11.1 Facilities Report to Propose RFP for Facility Master Plan

12.1 Public Hearing to Present Information on the Initial Proposal to Modify the Agreemenbt between OJUSD and OTA

12.2 Public Hearing to Present Information on the Initail Proposal to Modify the Agreement between OJUSD and CSEA Chapter 803

12.3/12.4 Public Hearing for Approval of Resolution #23-24-02

12.5 Full Day Kindergarten for 2024-2025 Approval Request

12.6 Arts, Music, and Instructional Materials Descretionary Block Grant Request

12.7 Approval of Prior Year Financial Report Memo

12.7 2023-2024 Unaudited Acutals Report

12.8 Public Hearing and Adoption of Resulution #23-24-04 Authorizing Aquisition of DSA Approved Portable Buildings from AMS under a Piggyback Contract


August 14, 2023 Meeting

11.1 Report on Full Day Kindergarten for the 2024-2025 School Year

11.2 Report on the OJUSD After School Programs

12.1 Approval of Fourth Quarter Developer Fee Report

12.2 Approval of Resolution #23-24-01, Conflict of Interest Code Amendments for Submission to the Fair Political Practices Commision and Revisions to BP/AR/Exhibit 9270, Conflict of Interest Code Designated Postions


July 13, 2023 Meeting

12.1 Approval of Contracts for Assistant Superintendents and Chief Business Officer