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OJUSD is using the "Standard" stand-alone version of School Loop. Disregard anything that is for "Plus Grade" or "Plus Portal" users only.

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  • Image Albums
    • It's a good idea to create folders right away to put album images into. It's MUCH easier to do this right away than try and rearrange items later. You can nest as many folders inside other folders as you want.
    • When uploading images into albums if the "transparent" background becomes black, use to open the original (transparent) image and then save as a jpeg (.jpg). The image should now have a white background.
  • Lockers
    • As with image albums, it's better to create folders right away to put locker items into.

Example of lockers used on the District site (Enrollment Forms & Resources)

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East Stanislaus High School

Velly Oak Jr & Sr. High School

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