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The purchasing function is a joint effort between school sites, individual department managers, and the Business Services Division. The goal of Fiscal Services, within the Business Services Division, is to ensure goods and services are obtained in accordance with Board, State, and Federal rules and guidelines. Wherever applicable, Fiscal Services also extends information to sites and departments regarding bids with piggyback provisions. Purchases made through the latter are only allowable if facilitated through Fiscal Services.

Every transaction between a buyer and seller involving the transfer of property, equipment or supplies shall be by purchase order or a purchase order with a formal contract attached, and signed by the Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee.

A basic outline of the purchasing process follows:

  1. Site or department establishes a written intent to obtain goods or services with a vendor through the use of a District requisition form. If applicable, a formal contract is also forwarded.
  2. The Fiscal Services department reviews the requisition for appropriateness, authorized signatures, forms, and available budget.
  3. The requisition is assigned to a pre-numbered District purchase order form.
  4. The purchase order is forwarded to the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, as outlined in Board policy as the Superintendent designee, for review and approval.
  5. Fiscal Services notifies the vendor and site/department of the approved purchase order and remains as the central point of contact until the transaction is complete.
  6. Returns by the site/department are facilitated through Fiscal Services Department


The District centrally purchases and stores paper for site and department use.

Inventory and Surplus

Fiscal Services tracks and maintains the fixed asset list, which includes inventoried equipment valued over $500. The coordination of tagging, and removal of surplus items is handled through the Purchasing Clerk.


OJUSD participates in the California procurement card program, CAL-Card. For information regarding the program, visit: CalCARD

CAL-Card Policy Handbook

CAL-Card Forms: 
(209) 848-4884 or (209) 848-2129 fax
Name  Extension  Description
Erin Butler
Account Tech IV

Requisitions (initial contact), central contact for use of facilities, encumbers purchase orders & routes for approval, maintains vendor master list, and District contact for vendor returns, review conference attendance forms, consultant agreements.


Use of Facilities

Conference and Travel

Monthly Expense Claim

Petty Cash Reimbursement

Surplus Inventory

Food & Supply Bid