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New Facilities & Projects

Update: Construction Projects

  • Build a Servery in the Oakdale Junior High School Cafeteria

    • To establish parity and the ability to provide hot lunch menu items for Oakdale Junior High School, OJUSD will undergo a construction project to reconfigure and possibly expand the Oakdale Junior High Cafeteria to include an annexed “Servery” which will allow for kitchen equipment and food preparation areas that will allow for hot lunch menu items to be prepared on site. Cold Storage and dry food storage units, long with sinks, ovens, and food preparation areas will provide for expanded fresh food options that will comparable to what all other school sites in the district are able to provide.
  • Development of the School Farm on Brady Road
    • OJUSD purchased 26 acres of farm land in 1998 and owns it free and clear. Plans are to develop the front 13 acres with a production crop of trees (almonds or walnuts). The remaining 13 acres will be used for The School Farm hosting row crops, varying barns to hold livestock and an 80 ft. by 110 ft. ‘hoop barn.’

  • Replace the field turf in the Oakdale High School Stadium

    • Oakdale High School’s Football Stadium, “The Corral,” was completely refurbished with a synthetic “Field Turf” in 2005. Heavy use, exposure to the elements, and time has brought the existing turf to the end of its practical and safe use span. Like all material, the time has come to consider replacing the turf with an upgraded material for the sake of safety and performance. The condition of the current turf will be closely monitored in the next year or two when a determination will be made to undergo a construction project that will remove the current material and replace with an all new Turf that will serve the stadium for the next decade and beyond.