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Developer Fees

Under Government Code 65995.5 enacted pursuant to Chapter 407, Statutes of 1998 (“Senate Bill 50” or “SB 50”), a school district’s governing board may establish fees to offset the cost of school facilities made necessary by new construction following the making of certain findings by such governing board.

A School Facility Needs Analysis (SNFA) is completed on an annual basis which allows the Oakdale Joint Unified School District to assess the needs of the District for the construction of school facilities necessary to maintain current levels of educational services in the District and to accommodate growth due to development.

If the District satisfies at least two of the requirements set forth in subparagraphs (A) to (D) inclusive to the Government Code Section 65995.5, the District is then required to place a notice in a newspaper of general circulation in accordance with Government Code section 65995.6(d) 30 days prior to the public hearing, conduct a public hearing at its regular meeting of the Board of Trustees, and make available the Needs Analysis upon request. The fees proposed in the Needs Analysis and levied by approval of the Board of Trustees will be used for construction and reconstruction of school facilities and support facilities as identified in the Needs Analysis.

Residential fees (based on the total square footage of actual living space) as of August 7, 2020 are $4.08 per square foot. Commercial fees are $0.66 per square foot. 

Further information may be obtained by calling Erin Potter, Lead Accountant at (209) 848-4884, extension 115 or emailing