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AP-FAQ Oakdale Jr High

1. What are Pre AP and AP Classes?

Pre-Advanced Placement Classes are accelerated classes that exceed State Content Standards.  Participation in these classes often require more rigorous testing, individual and group projects, and a higher expectation for class participation.

Pre-Advanced Placement Classes available at Oakdale Junior High School during the 10-11 school year will include Science, History, and English Language Arts, at both 7th and 8th grade levels.

2. What are the recommended pre-requisites for placement at OJHS?

Prerequisite for Pre-Advanced Placement Classes: The only required prerequisite for an Oakdale Junior High GATE-identified student is the successful completion (B or better) of the previous level content course. All students must have their parent’s permission to participate.

Students at this age are beginning to make decisions about where and how they want to concentrate their efforts. If, after discussion with family, a GATE-identified student wishes to enroll in one or two Advanced Placement Classes, rather than the entire slate of Advanced Placement Classes, he /she may request that his/her schedule reflect this.

High achieving (but non-GATE identified)students may be placed in Pre-AP classes based upon room available and B or better grades in the subject and CST score(s) of Advanced, and Top 10% of Elementary school class by subject area grade performance.

Both students and parents are reminded that these courses require much of students and that the curriculum’s pace and the higher level of expectation cannot be adjusted to help students who may struggle.

3. How is the curriculum different from regular courses offered at OJHS?

Curriculum for all Pre-Advanced Placement Classes is quite different from the Core curriculum. Curriculum objectives reflect higher-level critical thinking and creative problem solving. Concepts are not often re-taught.  The pace is rigorous.  The independent work is always more challenging

4. What level of achievement is expected in order for students to continue on the Pre AP academic continuum at OJHS?

Students not meeting the expected rigor of C or above in any Pre-AP class will be identified at the end of each quarter.

Students will not be dropped from Pre-AP classes without parent notification and, if necessary, a referral to the Student Study Team.

Students whose grades consistently fall below a C in Pre-AP classes will be notified by the teacher, and a parent conference by phone or in person must be scheduled. These students may have until the end of the semester to improve their grade(s) for continuance in the class or be referred to the school’s Student Study Team (SST) for one of the following recommendations:

  • Continuance in the Pre-AP Class
  • Transfer to a regular college preparatory class with parents informed of the transfer
  • Parents and/or students may appeal the decision of the SST to the site Principal
  • Students not meeting the expected rigor for an AP class in any given year may petition to enroll in a Pre-AP class the following year.

5. What is the process to place a transfer student in a Pre AP English class?

Students transferring into Oakdale Junior High School

The Oakdale Junior High School Counseling Office will make the English Department Head aware of any transfer student who might be appropriately placed in the Pre AP English Continuum.

The English Department will arrange for a diagnostic essay to inform placement and provide summer work.

This process is used for students transferring in during the school year and students transferring in during the summer.